Mikele & the Mattress – EP coming soon

Mikele & the Mattress – EP coming soon

Mikele and the Mattress é um projecto nascido em Antuérpia no final de 2013. Teve início na colaboração entre a extinta banda “Botsotto”, o Mário e o Mikele. 
O EP está para chegar brevemente…

Mikele and the Mattres is an Antwerp based project formed in the end of 2013. It started as a collaboration between the extinguished band “Botsotto” with Mario and Michele. 

Soon adopting a different posture torwards music making, another name was adopted as to form a new band.

The first EP, “The Trains that Lead to Antwerp”, to be presented in concert the 19th of December at Cinema Cartoons (Antwerp, Belgium) was produced in collaboration with Honeysound (Barcelos, PT) and consists in a set of 6 songs which sonorities vary between progressive, psychedelic tunes and the post-rock scene. 

This EP was based on the works of portuguese writer Herberto Helder.

the band is composed by Mario (voice, guitar, woodwind), Michele (bass, synth), ‘Kung Fu’ James (drums), Christophe (electric guitar), Cedric ‘Python’ (electric guitar, synth).


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